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"愛Ichigo Latte Maid & Butler Cafe strives to make customers feel at home by placing love at the center of our services."


We are a traveling maid cafe based in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area happy to serve food from various vendors at local conventions and events. Since 2011, Ichigo Latte has been dedicated to provide the ultimate entertainment experience by engaging with customers through performances, games, and other activities to promote Japanese Pop Culture.

All profits earned by the cafe help cover our expenses and future events.


Ichigo Latte's main event is KotoriCon at Gloucester County College. We specialize in implementing different themes within the cafe each year. We are hoping to join more events in the future!






Maid cafes are a subcategory of cosplay restaurants originally popularized by the ‘otaku’ culture of Japan in Akihabara. This phenomena started out with Cure Maid Cafe. Maid cafes have swept throughout the nation, and are now being introduced to Western countries. While the cute and elegant aura of maids and butlers are the main focus of these restaurants, many cafés also involve different themes and fun activities. These specialized cafes provides customers various opportunities to interact with the waitstaff for a unique and interesting experience.



  • Cute decorations

  • Light treats and drinks

  • Food drawings

  • Mini games and prizes

  • Performances

  • To be called “master,” “sir,” “prince,” “princess,” and “milady,” by the staff!

  • Free cosplay repair services

  • Great J-Pop/K-Pop music

  • Conversations about various subjects such as language, culture, anime, video games, comics, and others!

What to Expect

Our staff is available for:

  • Conventions

  • Concerts

  • Game tournaments

  • Catering cafes

  • Festivals

  • Promotional events

  • Japanese culture/anime/game club events


We wish to offer our hosting, performing, advertising, and caterings services to all types of organizations. In addition, we are open to any ideas to further enhance your experience.

To have us at your event, recommend us, and/or e-mail us at

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